There aren't many other churches that have a deer head hanging on the wall in the foyer. But then again, we aren't trying to be like other churches. We're trying to be the church that God wants us to be. We aren't perfect people. We're real people pursuing a relationship with a real God. We all have our struggles, issues, and weaknesses. That's why we do this church thing! Sunday morning isn't about showing each other that our lives are perfect, it's about helping each other in our walk with Christ.


God wants you to come as you are, and our church is no different! Our services are casual & relaxed, and we welcome anyone who is interested in pursuing a relationship with the God who made them. 

And in case you couldn't tell, our church is definitely "a little bit country". While we welcome people from all walks of life, our congregation is full of farmers and men and women who love and appreciate the outdoors. We even have a farm ministry, and it's not unusual to look out the window and see a cow, goat, or horse galloping by.

What you can expect:

Service starts at 9:30AM, and typically lasts an hour.

We often begin with a time for sharing, where anyone can present a praise or prayer request to the rest of the church.

Our worship is a mix of both contemporary worship songs and hymns.

Pastor Mike's sermons are engaging, biblically-based, and applicable to everyday life.